My Misc Pages

SV Sandwich Recipes
Exactly what it says on the tin. Features sandwiches with or without Herba Mystica for various meal powers.

Pet Sites

A tamagatchi-style pet site with three currently available species. Relive your nostalgia!
Cat's End
A pet sim where you rule over a small village of not-cats on not-earth. Most notably has a robust genetics and rpg-style adventure system. Closed beta, currently open Feb 17-19.


W3 Schools
Contains a reference guide for HTML and CSS and has an on-site live editor.
Gif Cities
Internet Archive of old gifs from geocities. Some NSFW content exists, so view with caution.
CSS Lace Border
Great guide on how to make and style image borders with free resources included.
Bonnibel's Graphics
A collection of cute graphics.
Gif editing site. It's reliable, if a tad janky at times.
Button Wall
A large collection of buttons to peruse.
88X31 Gif Collection
Another, larger collection of buttons. Alphabetized.
Doodad Pattern Generator
Royalty-free pattern generator. Highly reccommend.
Transparent Textures
Select a texture and download it in any color you'd like. Inspired by Subtle Patterns.
Royalty-free generative art tool that lets you make patterns based on a handful of templates. Very user-friendly.
RV's Javascript
Free to use javascript samples that give a variety of fun effects.