I saw the idea of the 'now' page from a few other neocities sites. The concept is beyond just an about, you have a page about your current interests and projects. So I guess I'll just put what's on my mind right now here.

Games: I finally got off my ass and started playing Persona 5 Royal again. I beat the fourth and fifth palace pretty fast. I'm taking a brief break from that to do other stuff, because the story beat of the fifth left me knowing it was gonna be upsetting and I got anxious lmaoooo. Since Pixel Cat's End finally opened up its beta for the weekend I've joined that and am focused on it instead. The RPG elements are really in-depth, if a bit slow. I want more cats.. and more than that, I want fantasy colors to be available!!!

Art: Currently on break from my pokemon art challenge. However, I've got some nice foil washi tape in! Looking forward to using that. On the coding side, though, I've been making lots of progress! The website is now technically functional in most aspects. The only thing I want to seriously overhaul after I redid the base code is getting webamp working. I know it's gonna probably be a whole day project, though, adn I need to decide where I'm gonna host my misc files. Something else I'm looking forward to is eventually implementing cursor styles.

Writing: Definitely slowed down in this respect. I still wanna make a conlang page, it's just not high priority. Also maybe a species page.. Ahh, there's so much I can do!!

Music: Just spotify discovery here. I want to add a lot more music to the site, and I'm thinking I'll just splurge on getting the whole halley labs collection. Her music means a lot to me, so I may as well get it all. Probably on a bandcamp friday?

Life: This is the big section.. the reason updates suddenly slowed down a bunch is because I got HORRENDOUSLY sick. I don't know if it was food poisoning or a stomach bug, but it was terrible and even after getting most of it out of my system the first night I felt nauseous for a week. I'm only just now getting back to my normal schedule/diet. On the bright side, glasses are no longer a big deal! Also, I found out honey-roasted pistachios are fucking delicious???? I did a doordash order for some snacks and they gave me BBQ pistachios instead of the normal shelled ones I prefer. I decided I might as well eat it and found out it was okay, so I was intruiged as to what other flavors of pistachios are like.. turns out the honey roasted are god-like. In fact I'm gonna buy some more tonight.